Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fishing and Hunting


Enjoy fishing for Northern Pike, Walleye, Small Mouth Bass and Lake Trout in the beautiful, clear waters of Willard Lake or portage into connecting lakes.
There are many lakes in our area with boat access to fish in.
Maybe enjoy a shore lunch.

Enjoy the adventure of hunting for black bear with rifle or bow. We provide working baits. Baits have been set 15 days ahead of opening day for greater success.
Baits are easily accessible by truck, quad, or boat.
(Quads are not provided. Hunters may bring their own.)
Our baits are located on our large bear management area.

2017 Hunting Rates 

We offer hunts from August 15th through September 22nd.
Hunts are usually 7 days but can be longer if arrangements are made.

Bear Hunt cost is $800 per person, tax included. Minimum hunting party of 3.
*To keep our prices low, tipping is GREATLY appreciated.
*Call for information about individual hunters.
This includes bear bait and cabin for the week (Saturday to Saturday.)
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

***License cost is in addition to camp hunting rates.***

You will need a current hunting license from the state where you reside in order to purchase a hunting license in Canada.
Regulations require an Outdoor card, Bear license, and a Validation Certificate, all of which can be purchased at Camp.
2017 Approximate Prices:
*Bear License: $250.00
*Outdoor Card: $10.00
*Export Permit: Approximately $35.00


Upon successful hunt:
*Hunter may skin their own bear or skinning is available for extra charge. (Average cost $100.00.)
*Camp facilities include skinning area. 
*We provide freezers for hide and meat storage.


Please consult the links below for more information about Canadian hunting regulations.

(for fishing and hunting regulations)

Canadian Firearms Centre
(for information on bringing firearms into Canada)